BDS Examinations Marks Distribution in Each Subject

Marks distribution in each subject

Each subject shall have a maximum of 200 marks.

Division of marks is as follows:-

Theory-100, Practical 100

Theory – 100

University written exam               –             70

Viva Voce                                            –             20

Internal assessment (Written)   –             10

Total                                                      –             100 

Practical/ Clinical – 100

University exam                                               –             90

Internal assessment (Written)   –             10

Total                                                      –             100

Pre-clinical Prosthodontics, Pre-clinical Conservative Dentistry in 2nd yr BDS

Internal Assessment                      –             20

Practical                                               –             60

Viva Voce                                            –             20

Total                                                      –             100

Criteria for a pass

50% of the total marks in any subject computed as aggregate for theory, i.e., written, viva voce and internal assessment and practicals including internal assessment, separately, is essential for a pass in all years of study.

For declaration of pass in a subject, a candidate shall secure 50% marks in the University examination both in Theory and Practical/ Clinical examinations separately, as stipulated below.

  • A candidate shall secure 50% marks in aggregate in University theory including Viva Voce and Internal assessment obtained in University written examination combined together.
  • In the University Practical/ clinical examination, a candidate shall secure 50% of University practical marks and Internal Assessment combined together.
  • In case of Pre Clinical Prosthetic Dentistry and Pre Clinical Conservative Dentistry in IInd BDS, where there is no written examination, minimum for pass is 50% of marks in Practical and Viva voce combined together in University examination including Internal Assessment i.e. 50/100 marks.
  • Successful candidates who obtain 65% of the total marks or more shall be declared to have passed the examination in First Class. Other successful candidates will be placed in Second Class. A candidate who obtains 75% and above is eligible for Distinction. Only those candidates who pass the whole examination in the first attempt will be eligible for distinction or class.
  • First Class and Distinction etc. to be awarded by the University as per their respective rules.