Mission And Vision



(Mission Statement)

The Institute of Dental Studies & Technologies, (IDST) is committed to the highest tradition in Dental Education with the provision for quality par excellence in Oral Health Care. Consistent with this high tradition IDST shall recruit a diverse student body to foster personal and professional excellence and promote qualities of leadership & service to others.

IDST shall be involved in its Clinical Education Programme by issuing a series of Bulletins which focus on professionalism, practice management and patient care.

IDST shall provide graduate and post graduate courses in dentistry in addition to a variety of Diploma Courses. To compliment the dental graduate, IDST shall provide a comprehensive package of dental expertise by conducting various Technicians Courses, Chair-side Assistants Courses as well as Hygienist Courses.

IDST is dedicated to train Dental Surgeons who are able to competently diagnose, establish treatment plans and provide high quality patient care utilizing Evidence Based approaches.

IDST is committed to provide sound clinical and technical education by establishing an alumni recognised for their clinical expertise. IDST aims to provide clinical education characterised by excellence, while responding to the changing model in dental education as outlined by the Dental Council of India.

IDST will provide service to the dental profession by conducting an array of Continuing Educational Programmes, referrals and consultation on complex oral conditions.

IDST is committed to organise value based Teachers Exchange Programmes to broaden the scope of their individual capabilities and teaching skills.

IDST recognises the importance of expanding and disseminating knowledge which directs advances in oral health and oral health education. It actively seeks to promote the scholarship activities of its faculty and encourage their development as teachers, scholars and researchers in Dental Education Technologies.

IDST will emphasise delivering service to Patients, the Community and the Dental Profession. IDST will reach out to the Community by offering Preventive Programmes from the Institute itself as well as through the Community Health Centres.

The vision

Health is a state of physical, mental, social and emotional well being in which we function with comfort, confidence, creativity and contentment when leading an economically productive life.

In essence, health is fundamental to human progress.

There  is a growing awareness in the modern world that:

Health of the population reflects environmental factors and personal health habits more than the sophistication of personal health services.

Contribution of lifestyles is highly significant in explaining differences in the health of the individual.

Future improvements in health are more likely to come from changes in lifestyles, than from increased spending on medical care.

Oral Health & Lifestyle :

Oral and dental diseases have afflicted mankind for ages. The overwhelming evidence now available shows that major health problems of dental carries, periodontal diseases and oral cancer are basically behaviour oriented and related to unrestrained consumption of refined sugar, inadequate oral hygiene practices (plaque control), consumption of tobacco in various forms of chewing, snuffing, smoking and use of alcohol. These are all behaviour patterns adopted by people as a part of their lifestyle. The answer to oral health problems lies in lifestyle modification as well as in the behavioural changes of the human race.